Mandatory Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention Training

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Single low price for both videos – NO PER-EMPLOYEE PRICING – Saves You Money. 

Attorney Jonathan Fraser Light, who is featured in these videos, has conducted these trainings over 500 times and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

S.B.1343 requires that ALL companies with 5+ employees provide sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training for their employees and supervisors.


Train your employees directly from their mobile phone, tablet, computer or group setting.


Our system automatically tracks when your employees finish watching the training and sends them a certification upon completion of the short quiz.


Our system tracks whether employees have opened the video and tracks progress with a short interactive quiz.  The third check mark that started with our system automatically.

Actual stories will make the points far more interesting than merely reciting the law. And no boring, ineffective skits!

What is included?

1-Hour Training For Employees

Let's be honest. Training videos that are an hour long would normally bore any audience. Our videos are engaging and entertaining, and will allow each viewer to complete the training from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

2-Hour Training For Supervisors

Supervisors are required to take a 2-hour video training. This 2-hour training can also be completed from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Certification Upon Completion

Our system automatically tracks when your employees finish watching the training and sends them a certification.

Simple All-Inclusive Mobile Platform

* Easy Pricing – Flat Rate for Both Videos – No Individual Employee Pricing


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Disclaimer: Our online training videos comply with the California harassment and bullying training requirements as of January 2019, as set forth in AB 1343 (2019) and under AB 1825 (previous law), as codified in Sections 12950 and 12950.1 of the California Government Code. LightGabler cannot guarantee that our online training programs will comply with new or revised legal requirements in the future. Employers are solely responsible for monitoring applicable laws and seeking legal advice to ensure that their training programs remain in compliance with any updates or changes to applicable laws.